Sisters, also for their breast shape, fullness, not perfect, bothered? That does not hurry, act, eat some food can contribute to breast and stick to it, you can plump confident oh.

First, kelp

Kelp is a large consumption of algae, for women, not only beauty, salons, slimming and other health effects, but also adjuvant treatment of breast hyperplasia. According to the research it found that about one-third of breast disease, have a great relationship with diet. Kelp contains large amounts of iodine, can promote ovarian follicular body, endocrine disorders, been adjusted to reduce women's risk of breast hyperplasia.

Second, soybeans

Soy foods, breast health boost. Because soybeans and the soybean processing, from foods contain isoflavones, a substance that can reduce women, estrogen levels in the body, reduce breast discomfort. If you eat two meals a day of food containing soy, such as tofu, soy milk, etc., will be very useful for breast health.

Third, edible fungi

White fungus, black fungus, mushrooms, Hericium, Poria and other food, is a natural biological response modifier, can enhance human immunity, there is a strong anti-cancer effect. Research shows that eating mushroom, for women's breast health points.

Fourth, lettuce

Lettuce is a class, often in the vegetable market, a common vegetable, many housewives, like to use it for cooking with meat, delicious and not greasy people. Lettuce same time, is also a breast vegetables, if and yams, chicken livers, along with cooking food, it can be nursed back to blood, promote nutrition, the role of the breast area of ​​supply, in addition, can improve the skin's moisture and color sense.

All, do not underestimate the power of food, eat these, not only physical health, but also have the effect of breast, achieve your chest device is compelling, not far myself, if taken plus Must Up Bella Cream, the effect will be better Oh!

Must Up Bella Cream

  • Aug 17, 2016
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