Daily life how do breast fastest? Wash hot water bath can not only relieve fatigue, but also breast Breasts. This method is simple and easier to adhere to, come try it!

Wash hot water bath can be more to strengthen the chest blood circulation, so as to achieve the best effect of breast. Temperature of the water in about 40 ℃ most appropriate. Bath before and after bathing best to drink a glass of water, hot shower because people tend to sweat, so that the body of water loss, so drink plenty of water is no harm, but also through water bath to promote sweating, there help speed up the body's metabolism.

1, open the hot water temperature to probably about 40 ℃, the first body scrub with cotton gloves so that body heat. Then with both hands and gently massage the breast.

2, with a special bath brush the inside of the breast from the beginning of the line along the bottom of the breast, in an arc to the outside gently scrub the breast. After brushing, leading housing open waters, with a shower manner by brushing rinse breasts again.

3, if sagging breasts, or to prevent sagging breasts, it is best to use a rain rushing up from the lower portion of the breast, around the nipple and an annular friction, can enhance organizational tension, so that the breast more firm.

4, hands folded on his chest with both hands, gently press each other to the inside. Breathing out when pressed. Massage about 2 minutes later, hands folded, the arm together, elbow raised to the chest position. Arms around each other to continue to press hard for 2 minutes.

5, elbows bent, hands raise arms to shoulder level, and then to maintain this position unchanged, shoulder rotation. Before and after rotation of 5 times.

6, turning the head, it feels like a big circle with the head of planning, action as large but gentle as possible. About 4 times.

In this way almost every day we are doing, and you do the right thing? Let us use them the right way, we are also a beautiful and healthy breasts, matched with our Bella Cream Breast Reviews, makes you more effective, you use it?

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  • Aug 18, 2016
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