You know, to have a woman, plump sexy strong bimodal, from twelve-year-old adolescent, in relation to diet, in order to have the best development; middle age to thirty or forty years, in addition to continuous movement, but also Note that diet can.

1, the role of breast papaya, papaya, and in all foods, is the most prominent! Papaya alcohol containing pigment, with a good, promote breast development role, and papaya, contain vitamin E, for breast beauty breast health, but also of great significance!

2, lettuce is a traditional breast vegetables, and mountain products, chicken livers together with food, blood can be nursed back to health, to promote the supply of nutrients to the site, but also to improve the skin's moisture and color sense. Lettuce (head lettuce), lettuce (lettuce, cabbage), which contain substances that can increase the flexibility of the breast to keep the skin young.

3, peanut how breast? It contains a lot of fats, amino acids, lecithin, cellulose and starch and the like ingredients for body relatively thin sister can play the role of nutritional supplements, but also in peanuts, rich in vitamin very rich in a, B, C, K and calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, etc.! to promote development of the chest, also has a very good role.

Therefore, in daily life, as long as the attention to the dietary laws, but also allows you to eat out of the fullness of the chest, but if you use Bella Cream UK, can make this step to speed up many times, quickly implement it!

Bella Cream UK
  • Aug 22, 2016
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