The Princess Taiping "," airport "bundle of rejection, many MM are, they have been looking for, how to breast enhancement, how fast breast enhancement tips. Face the problem of how to breast enhancement, how fast breast today to introduce a number of breast enhancement tips.

Breast massage: every day, for both sides of the breast, massage (try alternating hot and cold in the summer), stimulate the blood flow in breast tissue, for a few minutes every day, curve without full;

There is, bedtime massage is also important, smear proper amount, breast enhancement cream breast in the Palm, from the breast Center, in the form of circles, massage upwards from subclavian position, then the scope expanded to around the breasts, spiral continues to do massage. 10 repetitions of each movement until the chest feels vaguely fever so far. So not only can effectively promote breast blood circulation, can also improve, spread and drooping breasts.

Simple operation of the breast: a simple exercise, as the name suggests, is some very simple little exercise. Did you think? Yes, is known as the chest. But we are here, on the basis of the original, add a little bit of small things, the effect is more apparent!

You just, in my spare time, right hand holding an unopened bottle of mineral water, small, start step by step, doing chest exercises, until hands open, up to the largest, and repeat 15 times. What really is simple enough!

Mm who want breast enhancement do now, Bella Cream Must Up breast recommended, in order to bid farewell to Princess Taiping, airports, quickly doing these breast enhancement tips!

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  • Aug 23, 2016
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