Many flat chest sister, are deeply distressed, breasts, female sex symbol, it can make women more feminine. "Pacific Princess" are hoping, with the aquiline breasts, then what food can quickly and easily breast, it has no side effects?

Lettuce, food is classic breast, lettuce of potassium and sodium is 27 times as much, to regulate the body's water and electrolyte balance, have a good effect, can promote urination elimination of edema, but also stimulate the development of the chest . And estrogen can promote the liver, with food, blood can be nursed back to health, so that the chest, full upright.

Papaya is the best choice for breast augmentation. Many women are aware of the effect of papaya, and therefore in their daily lives, often made of papaya different foods, whether raw, cooking, soup or dessert to make, the ultimate goal, it is hoped, while using papaya, and breast augmentation to achieve their purpose.

Walnut, women who are well known nourishing food, not only can enhance brain function, prevent arteriosclerosis, UFA soothing, but also can delay aging. This is because walnuts are rich in zinc and vitamin e, in particular, it contains linolenic acid, can stimulate estrogen, the recent popularity of breast composition.

Therefore, these foods you are eating it? Eat right? To see where you started to implement, and to stick to it, plus Bella Natural Herbal, make your results will be better, you have started?

Bella Natural Herbal

  • Aug 24, 2016
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