Breast exercise, why sometimes, than exercise to lose weight, more popular, the reason is that all women are like their chest, and hope that their can be used to have a perfect, sexy breasts, but also live this life, to do a back to real women. So the next time you, eat fruit to lose weight in a query time, we must look at sports or Breast Breast food, help their shape better female curves. The following is a method to introduce three kinds Breast movement, including flat bench dumbbell press, dumbbell birds on the ramp, and push-ups, you can also select one of two types, that can continue to do so, the effect is very obvious Oh.

Plump and full of curves in the chest, women on the chest, the pursuit of perfection. Winter, wrapped in thick clothes, many people began to ignore the beauty of the chest, so go very serious consequences oh! In fact, in cold weather, as long as you are determined, you can practice a perfect curve of the chest.

Flat bench dumbbell elected: supine on a long bench or coffee table, his arms straight up to just above the shoulders, palms forward, wrists straight, abdomen. Elbow drop weight, elbows slightly below shoulder position, arms straight back to the starting position.

Oblique dumbbell birds: the mat again on the coffee table or stool something lying on top of each hand holding a bottle of wine, feet flat on the ground, arms straight up to just above the shoulder, palm toward the opposite wrist straight, abdomen, arcs elbow, arms down, again on both sides stretched until elbows and shoulders parallel straight arms back to the starting position.

Push-ups: hands more than shoulder width apart, hold on the ground, feet together stays. Elbow to elbow at a 90-degree angle, arm lift body. When pressed down exhale, inhale when you hold up.

Saw three, Breast movement, is not feeling particularly easy to do, choose a suitable Breast movement, quickly move it, and then used in conjunction with bella cream breast, let your Breast motion raise a lot!

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  • Aug 25, 2016
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