Now on the market, is full of variety, breast enhancement effect of food or nutritional supplements. If you are developing, or want to eat to make up words, from now on, pay attention to diet, it is very important! this time, will be introduced, breast enhancement effect of food nutrients for the benefit of women.

Chemical structure of Soybean isoflavones, and is similar to the female hormone estrogen, so the effect is also close. And estrogen to maintain feminine charm, has a lot to do.

Breast Pueraria, containing soy isoflavones, soybean 40 times, there is also kwakhurin, Puerarin ingredients. Eat kudzu, can promote women, estrogen in hormone secretion, increased fat in the chest and breast development.

Boron promotes secretion of estrogen. People's impression of boron may be associated with preservatives, or semiconductors, but the vegetables or fruits also contain boron. Characteristics of boron is not heat-resistant, so after cooking, it is difficult to get. Boron, of estrogenic activity, and strengthen bones. And chest did not directly effect! in fact, famous for breast enhancement effect, kudzu, or boron, breasts get bigger results, there is no direct relationship. Both of these components, you can promote women's hormone estrogen and breast have a lot of help.

So in life, eat foods that contain these two types of material, is of great help to your breast, you want to take, and take Bella cream reviews, you'll see your amazing breast enhancement effect.

bella cream reviews

  • Aug 26, 2016
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