Myung Kim
This product I have only been using for Two weeks but see results. I didn't tell anyone I was using it and my boyfriend happened to notice that they were more round and bigger. My bra is fitting a little tighter now.will continue to use it until achieve the best result.
Mikaella Moura
I applied this for the first time tonight and my breasts feel warm and tingly. It's a good sign that it's doing something. I'm going to update my review in a couple of weeks and let you guys know if it's worth buying or not,hope it really can help my breasts.
Paulina Garcia
This product really does work. Please refer to one of the many you tube tutorials out there if you are having trouble with application. I love how my face looks after applying this product. I will be purchasing this again. And the price from this vendor is very good.
Priscila Cipriano
I loved this product it worked really fast.this is my third order of this, super awesome and I love how tingly it makes my breasts.Very pleasant experience with this cream! highly recommend this Bella Cream Breast Enhancement Cream to every woman.
Deborah Santos
I bought this product and only been using it for 14 days so far.I have noticed that my breast feel bigger.Love LOVE love this product!my breast does look enhanced but I need to purchase more to be more sure,Love to place my order on this site, fast delivery and great customer service,thanks.
leslie Francis
The cream do exactly what I wanted,I thought my breasts would get firmer several months later,but the first month I saw my breast bigger than before,maybe even I have to change new bra,it really worked well,thanks very much,Love the Bella Cream.
Kristy Stewart
Actually works.Takes a few weeks to tell the difference. Breasts become fuller and more round and cleavage will start to form. I used the product then ran out, reordered a few months later, my results from the initial use did not wear off. Following the breast massage and application instructions are a must.good site and best products.
Christine Johnston
Ok so this company shipment delivery times are amazing. I recieved this product even before the delivery expected date. I have started to use this product today and you feel a tingling buying sensational that lasted 8minutes for me. The smell of the cream is delightful.will share the result after six months later.
Harwinder kaur
I love this cream! It actually works ! Im using it for my buttocks though not breast n im getting amazing results!This is a very good cream, I love it and recommend it to all my girl friends.
Tina M Hickman
Ok so looking at other people review what I thought I should do one on my own. I will honestly say that this cream definitely works. But you do have to use it consistently and you have to use it the right way.I usually it after take a'a more easy to absorb the cream.Good cream to enlarge my breast.
Elizabeth King
I've been using this is about 3 weeks now and I haven seen the the directions to apply twice every day,it's good start to notice the result,will use it continuously.I have placed my second order today,appreciate it if you ship it as soon as possible.
Niclas Mann
It's my favorite products to enhance my breasts,really give me more confidence to show my figure,I have used the cream for 2 months,it's easy to use,just smearing the cream on the breast and massage for severl minutes.about 2 weeks later I begin to notice the difference.please be patient to notice the change.